How to Maintain and Refresh Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

Welcome to Morichy today we are going to talk about how to wash and maintain human hair wigs and lace front wigs.

Why you have to moisturizing your lace frontal wigs?

The hair will going to get dry, and dryness just leads to breakage, if you don't want the hair kind of falling off of your lace, you should moisture your human hair often. Dryness and Crusty always cause these happened.  

How to wash the wig right?

Prepare conditioner and a wide toothed comb. You can choose any conditioner you prefer to. Put your virgin hair wig in a bowl because you want to allow it to soak into with conditioner.

Today I choose a HD lace front wig, it is a lot more delicate so you definitely want to be careful to avoid tangle or damage. So just working that conditioner into the hair and there's no rubbing required you just want to massage it into the hair gently make sure you get it all over and once you do that then you can take wide comb and run it through.

How to comb the hair properly when the human hair wig in the water?

You will always comb it from bottom to the top, but totally get inside cap bottom up, because you don't want to cause any more tangles or pushed tangles down into the hair.

How to squeeze the water and conditioner?

I still want to use a cold water but mainly just get off any excess chunks that it does tend to be sticky, so you may have to spend a little more time on the inside of the cap for moving extra conditioner, but it is okay if you don't get it a hundred percent out because the conditioner won't hurt the hair you know,  it's only gonna make it better and it also smells amazing.

Then let it air dry or laying it on a towel, and if you have a wig stand that's perfect and just put something down below so it catches on that excess water.

How to make your wig stay nice in a long time?

I just like to dip it in and out of the water over and over because as you can see that conditioner kind of stays clumped which is why I like to mix it in water first and loosen it up a bit again. While the hair is damp it's a lot better to mold it into whatever style you like, a middle part or a side part this is the time to do it, then it can dry in that style.

How often do you wash your wigs ?

The frequency of doing this is totally up to you, I usually do a monthly maintenance at best because I don't wear them very often, I just want to keep them moisturized and ready to go when I need them and this is how she looks all wet and as you see I went ahead and set my part because that's the easiest time to do it.

How to wash a curly wig? You can follow the same steps above with a few modifications.

Finger detangle instead of using a comb.  The conditioner will give it more slip, curly hair needs lots of moisture. Lay your wig down flat to dry like drying a wool sweater.  Place the wig on a towel and gently scrunch the curls so they stay dewy and springy once they’re dry.