How to Secure Your Wigs - 8 Ways for You to Wear a Wig Comfortable

Now a lot of people don't use anything to secure your wig and that is perfectly. All of Morichy wigs have adjustments in the back so you can actually make them bigger smaller to make them snug on your head but in the case that you want to feel a little more added security here are eight great ways to secure your wig.


1. The Most Popular Way is using a Wig Grip Band

The first one and the most popular way is using a wig grip band, It is a crushed velvet double sided band and once you put it on under your wig and put your wig on it doesn't go anywhere. You can choose the brown color or black colored wig grip bands depends on the your wig color. Put it on my forehead and then take the velcro and just get the velcro clasp at the bottom, now this wig grip band is perfect to wear whether you have hair of your own or not so just pull it back just till get to my hairline, and when you're pulling it back you'll notice it's pretty hard to pull and that's great it's grasping, and tuck it behind your ears so you don't want it to show, after that, put wig on just like normal.

2. Nylon Wig Cap or Mesh Wig Cap

Second, A nylon wig cap which just looks like pantyhose, you can choose a nylon wig cap or a mesh wig cap. The differences between these are with the nylon it makes a small barrier between your head and the wig. so if your head tends to get a little itchy, and if you just want a little bit of added security, also you want to collect hair out, now the mesh one is great. if you have really long hair there's a hole in the top, and it help disperse your long hair.

3. Now the third way is called a Wig Grip Cap

This way is for the people who is very sensitive. There's a Velcro in the back you're just gonna undo it you're gonna just put the cap on and close the velcro in the back. Choose different color if you have a darker wig or a wig with the roots and if you have a lighter colored wig. The wit grip cap is also agreed to use if your head is a little bit on the petite side, but you want an average size wig because that cotton cap in the top will take up a little bit of the space. It'll give you a much more secure fit, so you can go anywhere.

 4. Another Really great product to secure the wig is Metal Wig Clips. 

You can sew them onto the inside of the wig so normally you would want to get Clips similar color to the hair of your wig or inside of your wig. You can choose sew on the front of the wig or the side of the wig you want. The clips can snap open and shut and there's a little bit of silicone grip right on the inside so even if you only have a little bit of hair it'll still grab. Wherever you feel that your wig is maybe pulling or sliding around a little bit the metal clips are great. Clips are holding it really tight, so when you want to take the wig off make sure you reach underneath and unsnap the clips you don't do that it's gonna pull your hair.

 5. The next thing is Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape you only want to use if you do not have hair. you're gonna do is you can either put it right on your skin wherever you want it and then put your wig on and once the wig is on you just kind of push to make sure it's adhered. If you do not want to use too much, you can do a little on the front and in the back as well as on the sides whatever you want.

 6. Water Soluble Glue is another options if you do not have hair

If you do not have hairs or you have a really low-cut top there is another options- water soluble glue that you would use and you basically put it on your skin wherever you want it, and let it kind of sit for a few seconds to get a little sticky, then you'd put your wig on and again kind of press it down. It is a water-soluble glue when it comes off you can just rinse it off with soap and water.

 7. Another product is silicone gel grip bands 

Use it to goes around your head line like the wig grip band except this one is great for if your head is really sensitive and it's going to just go right back, behind your hairline and your ears. If you're someone that maybe gets a little bit of a headache from a wig or really hot around here, this is a really great product again kind of make you feel a little bit more Comfortable.

 8. Now the last is the simplest items you probably already have it in your house and it is just bobby pins so the bobby pins.

You're just gonna put your wig on first, then you take your bobby pins where you want secure. Just gonna lift up a little bit of hair, put the bobby pin straight from the front of the wig and right into your hair. You could also used it in the back if you feel like it's moving around lift up and just kind of go through some of the whips and right into your hair, also same on the bottom you can just go right through any of the webs or at the very bottom and bobby pin it right.


This is eight great ways to secure your wig and you don't have to use one of these ways but if you feel like it's moving around a little bit or you just want a little bit of added security these ways are perfect.